TEI Whisky TASTING EVENT -NEW YORK- @WeWork NY-FIDI / WeWork Tower49

June 18, 2019

6月11日にアメリカ・ニューヨークのウォールストリート街周辺のWeWork NY-FIDI、

6月13日にはタイムズスクエア周辺のWeWork Tower49にて、ジャパニーズウィスキー



We held the TASTING EVENT of Japanese Whisky "太太TEI" on WeWork NY-FIDI around Wall Street Street in New York, USA on June 11and  at WeWork Tower 49 around Times Square on June 13.


今回のイベントは「FROM JAPAN」をコンセプトに、


This event is based on the concept of "FROM JAPAN".
We held a joint event of collaboration with three companies, which is famous for socks brand, Tabio and famous for custom made suits, Onward !



フリードリンク提供で沢山のメンバー様にTEI Whiskyを楽しんで頂きました!


At the same time as the start of the event, there will be a long line on the counter, including the original cherry blossom cocktail,
Many people enjoyed TEI Whiskey by offering free drinks!


LINE-UP社初となるWeWork POP UPでしたが、本当に多くのお客様にお越し頂き、大盛況で終えることが出来ました。


It was the first LINE-UP WeWork POP UP, but it was a great success with many customers coming.




Thank you very much to Tabio and Onward for inviting us to this New York event, and members of WeWork team and members!

We are planning to hold events in the US, so please look forward to it!



住所:大阪市中央区難波5-1-60 WeWorkなんばスカイオ 27F


ウイスキー事業 : https://www.lineup-inc.com/japanesewhisky

POP UP STORE事業:https://www.lineup-inc.com/popupstore







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