Q. Where is the place?

It is the area of ​​Minami Horie in Osaka. Famous for fashion street is a river site 1 minute walk from Orange Street.

Q. What is the age group that often comes to the area of ​​Horie?

Fashion and artist events are best for maximizing the land of Minami Horie. There are Horie and Ame village as Osaka 's fashion and music delivery points. Promotions such as fashion events and fan events are perfect.


- Minami Horie visits not only young people but also many people regardless of age and sex, such as family group. If you can express the worldview of products tailored to the target among them, you can expect a lot of visitors.


- Osaka Horie is a fashion sightseeing spot, and many domestic and overseas travelers (such as young Koreans who wear trend fashion etc.) also promote new products at places where they will visit, and pay more attention and interest to more people I think that it is also an area suitable for.


Q. Can I use the kitchen space? In case

Yes. The kitchen space can be rented separately from POP UP space at ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax) / 1 hour.

The kitchen staff can use IH, espresso machine, mixer, chopping board, knife, dish, cutlery, glass etc

Q. Is there a fixture in the space?

Hanger rack, 40 hangers, 5 side mirrors, 5 hand-held cash register, 12 clear chairs, 1 large monitor, 1 vertical digital signage, One torso can be used. ※ There are abundant lending fixtures

Q. What kind of customization can I do?

1. Customize your favorite design on the entire glass with crayon

2. Customized with LED electric signboard

3. Customizing by cutting seal sign construction

4. Customize signage design


Other, if you have customization you would like to ask.

Q. Is the opening period fixed?

Since the opening period is not decided in particular, it is the style that we will decide together with your company at every meeting.

It is possible from short term to long term.

Q. Is it possible to receive baggage in advance?

It is possible. If you let us know the arrival date in advance, our staff will pick up the baggage.

(Please pay shipping fee at the brand's burden)

Q. How about PR?

Basically we will PR with your company, but since we want to emphasize "topicality" unique to POP UP, our PR will start about 1 week before POP UP STORE holding.

Q. What is the holding time?

Eleven hours from 10: 00 to 19: 00 are basically possible hours.

However, it is possible to change the holding time like 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 or 9: 00 ~ 20: 00.

Q. Can images / videos be reflected on the monitor?

Yes, if you have image material (jpg / jpg) or movie material (mp 4) you can apply to each monitor.