Cryptocurrency Mining

A new way to make a social contribution 

by using Blockchain

Blockchain's distributed network is a technology tool

that gives power to people and things

and changes the world significantly.

We will operate a Blockchain processing facility utilizing clean energy,

develop human resources of Blockchain engineers and promote it.

Overview of our Business

Cryptocurrency Mining

A belief that utilizes the development of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) to increase the world economy.

 Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the value of money and to change the world economy to a greater thing.

 The purpose of Bitcoin is to make a remittance, based on the Blockchain Technology that keeps transaction records together in one block at certain intervals and connecting them like chains.

 The world has already started to make move on Mining. There are about 2 billion people who can not create a bank account in the world, especially in developing countries, but even such people have smartphones and are going ahead of Japan by utilizing their Cryptocurrency Wallet.

 We “LINE-UP.Inc” conduct Mining at the mining center installed in the North Japan Sea to support the operation of Bitcoin.

 Blockchain is a ledger managed by a lot of people, records in the ledger are bundled in units called blocks, and you can transfer the ownership of the coins with a new deal.

 You can branch the recording authority all over the world by doing a lot of calculations, which helps to avoid fraud and falsifying the records.

Miners can receive a reward by using the  "Mining Algorithm" to create blocks.This process is called Cryptocurrency Mining, which prevents falsification of data and maintains the safety.

 In the future, we will continue to expand our business by utilizing vacant space throughout the country. We also operate model rooms of Mining Center, so please feel free to contact us for a tour of the facility. We will contribute to the development of economy by using Blockchain.

Human Resource Development

The future of the Blockchain is to create new value such as "Redesigning Companies"

"Hacking business models"

"World of Things = Blockchain IoT".

 Blockchain’s University is an education and human resource development project, which supports the popularization of protocols and Japan's financial revolution by deepening knowledge on Blockchain.

 Both non-engineers and engineers can learn about the mechanism of Bitcoin from the technical point of view.

 With the development of Blockchain / smart contract, LINE-UP.Inc is working on development of future engineer resource towards new business opportunities.

 We take single lecture requests and can also prepare teaching materials according to the company's request, as well as courses we have.

 We believe that the world will be more convenient and will increase with Blockchain / smart contracts in the future.


We are looking for engineers to change the world with us.

Blockchain University

A scene of class in Blockchain’s University

Please feel free to contact us

for any interest in

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Mining